Latest SABA activites in NYC, NJ and Connecticut

The following is a recap of recent SABA activities in USA which have taken place following the conference in PA in September 2016. In NYC Jurček Žmauc, SABA’s president visited a company named, Slovenia Premium Vines and in NJ a company named, VINUM USA Inc. Both of these companies are importing various Slovenian vines to the USA.

The purpose of this visit was to encourage them into bringing their import of Slovenian wines to Ohio and Pennsylvania and to establish a contact with them and some additional Slovenian wineries.  Also Mr. Zmauc talked with representatives of company “Good Water” about Slovenia Vodka and how to make more distribution in USA. In NYC Mr. Žmauc visited the establishment “Eataly NYC” (this was a follow up to the earlier visit with “Eataly Chicago”) to introduced them to some products from Slovenia (Palmieri).  In CT Mr. Žmauc established some initial connections between USA firms and some Slovenian companies.