SABA in 2017

SABA vision is to work together with organisations and companies with the same idea and goal – be international. And first act in this work was SABA presentation in Cleveland, on Friday, January 27, 2017. After SABA conference in 2013, this year first business act of SABA was hosted again from our friends Tucker Ellis LLC.

SABA presentation was made from SABA president and members of Board of Directors as some members from Advisory team.

Points in this presentation:

  1. SABA program for 2017
  2. Slovenia as business and touristic destination
  3. Slovenian as investment opportunity
  4. SABA members and their work and goals
  5. SABA membership and goal in 2017

Between our visitors was a lot of local companies and organisations with international interest (Team NEO, Global Cleveland, Vocon, Signet,..). In 2017 SABA will continue in presentations of Slovenian companies and their products as to present Slovenia as global business destination.