Recent SABA (multi state) business trip undertaken by its President Mr. Jure Žmauc,

An extensive trip was undertaken by Mr. Žmauc for the purpose of promotion and introduction of several Slovenian businesses and their products during the period of May 28 through June 1st which included stops in NJ, NYC, CT and PA.

Day One – While in NJ Mr. Žmauc presented an overview of SABA and its services to representatives at Bayer organization where he also made an introduction of s possible medical interest to the Bayer product family.

Day Two -Following the visit at Bayer Mr. Žmauc continued to NYC where he presented some of the Slovenian SABA members and their products (Oljarna Fram, Palmieri), etc., where he also talked about possibilities of marketing Slovenia Vodka both in Slovenia and thought the American states. The discussion also included consideration where SABA will initiate some activities on behalf of Slovenian vines availability in OH and PA.

Day Three – While in CT, he visited with leadership of the organization of Precision which has already aided in SABA presentations and offered possibilities for cooperation between itself and two additional Slovenian businesses.

Day Four – The last day of this extensive business trip was used for a meeting in PA where he presented an overview of SABA, some of its offerings and a list of its members fostering the idea of generating some interest in acquiring investors and/or strategic USA partners for interested Slovenian businesses.