SABA at Marina Portorož

One of mayor points in this summer business visit of Jurcek Zmauc, SABA president in Slovenia was to find touristic destinations and possibilities for customers or interest from US.

On Sunday, October 1, 2017 SABA president visited city of Portorož in beautiful Primorska region of Slovenia and especially one point on this city, Marina Portorož.

Marina Portorož is the first marina built in Slovenia. Planning began as far back as 1974 and the marina was constructed on areas that were once the salt pans of Lucija. Today there are more than a thousand berths available in the sea, on shore and in two hangars as well as the Fazan canal. It is a safe port, a good haven in all winds, located in the protected eastern part of the Gulf of Piran, where the conditions for safe navigation and recreational sailing are stable throughout the year.

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In connection with Marina Portorož was made also presentation of “luxurious holiday paradise in touch with nature” – more about this on