1. Slovenian Business Club – SBC Forum, Postojna January 15, 2018

Slovenian Business Club’s aim is to unite Slovenian entrepreneurs based on common interest, who began their entrepreneurial path with their own ideas, inherited family companies, employ a larger number of people and have not taken part in tycoon politics-related affairs.

In September 2015 SABA president Jurcek Zmauc visited SBC:

Strengthening Business Ties on American Market

From the Slovenian American Business Association (SABA) we were joined also by the former general consul of the Republic of Slovenia in Cleveland and the president of the mentioned Association Mr Jurček Žmauc. He gave us a detailed report of the economic environment in the USA and business opportunities presented there for the Slovenian companies.

He explained the operation of the Association and the possibilities for establishing active cooperation with our Club and its members. This arrangement was officially confirmed by signing an agreement which promises long-term bilateral cooperation. Based on the mentioned agreement, and first and foremost, our interest, we intend to regularly exchange information and possible business opportunities in the future.

More about SBC on www.slovenianbusinessclub.si

This month president of SABA got an invitation for 1. SBC Forum which will be held on January 15, 2018 in Postojna, Slovenia. SABA will not attend this year forum but will plan to be an active member at next one.

More about this forum on www.sbcforum.si.