In connection with SABA business program and goals, Jurcek Zmauc, president of SABA started some new activities between SABA and other business oriented associations in US and EU. Everything for a benefit of SABA members.

European American Investment Council (EAIC) is the first association for SABA international connections in 2018. EAIC-Team with office in Atlanta, GA and Berlin, Germany has a wide network of investors all over Europe and speaks all major European languages. It is highly experienced in organizing events, b2b meetings and all relevant services for their members.

SABA and EAIC are both working with Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) which has become one of the mayor sources of manufacturing jobs in U.S. and big part of EU. Some sinergies in work of SABA and EAIC can bring to some common “actions” in 2018.

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