SABA presentation of Slovenian companies and their products

Every year Slovenian American Business Association – SABA organize presentations of some Slovenian Companies and their products.

On January 17, 2018 SABA organized a business presentation for next companies:

  1. Oljarna Fram – Pupkin Seed Oil
  2. Pivovarna Lasko – Union (Heineken) – Lasko beer
  3. Different wine producers (from Goriska Brda to Stajerska region)
  4. Zerox – engineering
  5. Ravne Presses – manufacturing
  6. MIK Celje – manufacturing
  7. Elektromateriali Lendava – manufacturing
  8. Nival – engineering
  9. Quadrofoil – manufacturing
  10. D – Imex – manufacturing
  11. Dekal – manufacturing
  12. other

Because of big interest for Slovenian engineering and manufacturing companies and their products this year event was at company Polytech and their partners.

Visit of this event as discussions after presentations showed interest for cooperation with different companies as to help SABA in a proccess of registrations for new Slovenian products in US.