Unique Slovenian Chilli Wine

Do you love wine and chilli? SABA and our new member from Slovenia “Kmetija Vizjak” want to give you the possibility to try Slovenian Chilli Wine. The beginnings of this unique wine combination stretch back to 2014, when Matic Vizjak, the creator of the wine, was already negotiating for the sale and promotion of Chilli Wine in Cleveland, USA – for which he also received three of the best in tow of the most prestigious awards competitions in the world: Finger Lakes International Wine Competition and Great American International Wine Competition.

After nine years working abroad, Matic Vizjak returned to Slovenia and began introducing innovations on his family farm. Among them was also a special Chilli wine. The first chilli and wine combination dates back to 2014, but the wine was introduced to the public in 2015 at the Wine and Chocolate Festival in Podčetrtek. It yielded an extraordinary sales success and a lot of publicity. This was the start of the 1st Chilli Wine.

Today, you can choose between sweet rosé or semi-sweet white Chilli wine. Both wines are quite light, but with an exceptional Chilli flavor.

Matic Vizjak will visit US in May 2018 and we hope that Cleveland will be also one of his stops, together with his Chilli Wine presentation.

More information on www.chilli-wine.com