SABA and Slovenian company RAVNE PRESSES d.o.o.

In March 2018 SABA got a new member – Slovenian company Ravne Presses d.o.o. SABA will introduce their product to the car industry in US and also to another potential clients from other business areas.

Ravne brand originates from 400 years of steel milling tradition. Their presses production of mechanical and hydraulic presses for the steel and sheet metal forming industry have been performed for more than 45 years. During this period, various mechanical and hydraulic presses and press line equipment were produced.

During this time Ravne brand has strongly established it self worldwide as a trustworthy partner due to its product performance and efficiency. Their presses production of hydraulic and mechanical presses and press line machinery are integrated into the production facilities of many suppliers and producers in automotive and household appliances industry.

RAVNE PRESSES d.o.o. is a manufacturer of high quality custom-made industrial hydraulic and mechanical presses for sheet metal forming with nominal force from 400 to 40.000 kN and with table length up to 8 meters.

Working in close cooperation with a customer they develop and implement demanding solutions to manufacture or enhance custom-made press lines or their performance in steel and metal forming industry.

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