SABA and Slovenian winery “Rado Kocijančič” from Goriška Brda

Slovenian winery Kocijančič Rado is located in the village of Šlovrenc in Goriška Brda. They are located around 1,5 miles from the Italian border and about 65 miles from Venice. The village of Šlovrenc has an interesting history because it was a border village between the Austrian Monarchy and the Venetian Republic until 1798. From that time also the name of the village – Venetian Šlovrenc. Goriška Brda are today divided between Italy (Colio) and Slovenia (Brda). The Kocijančič farm is at least 500 years old. Rado continues to focus on local varieties Rebula, Jakot (Tocai Friulano), and Refošk as well as newcomers Sivi Pinot (Pinot Grigio) and Sauvignon Blanc. Although Rado chooses not to certify organically, he refuses the use of copper to treat his vines and rarely cuts the grass or plows in order to promote a healthy ecosystem. Sulfur usage is also kept to a minimum, especially due to his own allergy to the additive.

Today his wines are for sale in Massachuttes. Importer is Giannoni Selections which is a wine importing company based in Massachusetts and Italy. From February 2017 Rado’s winery is member of SABA and together we will try to bring his wines to Ohio.

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