LESNA VRATA d.o.o. – member of Slovenian woodworking companies business delegation in US

Between May 21. – 25. 2018 SABA hosted business delegation of the Slovenian woodworking companies. Delegation members visited NYC, Cleveland (OH), Pittsburgh (PA) and Imperial (PA).

One of the delegation members was also company Lesna vrata d.o.o. (Mr. Gorazd Ulbl). The company LESNA VRATA d.o.o. started its activity on 18 September 2012 when it was established. In November 2012, it took over from the previous owner LESNA TIP d.d. the production of door leaves and frames, which were manufactured at two locations .

The Pameče location dealt with the production of door frames, while the Prevalje location produced interior doors. Currently, we have almost completed the project of transferring our production facilities to one location, i.e. at Prevalje, where we have envisaged our future production of LESNA doors and frames.

More about Lesna vrata d.o.o. on www.lesna-vrata.si