Mizarstvo Florjančič d.o.o. – member of Slovenian woodworking companies delegation in US

Between May 21. – 25. 2018 SABA hosted business delegation of the Slovenian woodworking companies. Delegation members visited NYC, Cleveland (OH), Pittsburgh (PA) and Imperial (PA).

One of the delegation members was also company Mizarstvo Florjančič d.o.o. (Mr. Robert Florjančič). Mizarstvo Florjančič is a family company with years of tradition manufacturing custom-made furniture. The activity was started at the beginning of the 1990s by Roman Florjančič. The first products were manufactured in a small workshop next to the house. Our team made quality furniture and obtained the trust of its clients, because a good reputation goes a long way. Over the years, the demand for our quality products grew. Together with the demand, the workshop also grew in size, but still eventually became too small

More about Mizarstvo Florjančič on www.florjancic.eu