SABA activities in Slovenia


Every year SABA made a lot of activities in US as well in Slovenia. In December 2018 and January 2019, Jurcek Zmauc, SABA president in different cities in Slovenia presented idea and work of SABA, program for 2019, visited the companies that are already members of SABA as well a new companies with an interest in the US market. He also talks with potential investors and partners in different projects in US and Slovenia.

Jurcek Zmauc, visited company TAM Europe in Maribor. Located in Slovenia (EU), TAM is a bus and commercial vehicle manufacturer with a strong strategic commitment to producing efficient and environmentally sustainable vehicles. More on

Company MAT-KOT see also a potential in cooperation with SABA. Cooperation with the Serbian company EMA they are producing thermoinsulated bodies for trucks. More on

MIK Celje, d.o.o. produces plastic, aluminum, and wooden windows and doors. The company offers solutions for the modernization or new glazing of existing buildings. During the 28 years of our existence, the company has been led by our Managing Director Franci Pliberšek. Their product MIKrovent, local ventilation system with heat recuperation will go with SABA on US market. More on

MojoAR is unique app with marketing potential. Owners are from Maribor, Slovenia. More on



In project “Gostilna Slovenija in US” SABA president visited Slovenian Chamber of craft and small companies as Gostilna Šempeter of family Kunst and Franjo Debelak, mayor of municipality Bistrica ob Sotli where Gostilna Šempeter is located. More on

BEVOG brewery can be the next SABA project on import of goods from EU. More on

Trisat company from Maribor will SABA try to connect with researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. More on

Winery Črnko from Jarenina, Slovenia is in Ohio stores from December 2018. Visit stores like Brew,Wine&Beer or Family Foods. More on

Oljarna Fram with Pumpkin Seed Oil will make a progress in 2019 where SABA and our local partner are planing expansion of thei product to two more states – Michigan (Detroit) and Illinois (Chicago). More on

American company Siltrade LLC with Slovenian company GATO d.o.o. are importing and introducing the ultimate innovation in Golf Club and Grip Cleaning. More on


Interview at RTV Maribor with journalist Stane Kocutar was a good opportunity for presentation about SABA work and members from Slovenia and US. SABA also started a process to bring a peace of “Stara trta” the oldest wine in the world located in Maribor, Slovenia to US. More on

This are some of the companies where Jurcek Zmauc made presentations about SABA and program for 2019. And SABA president visited also Office for Slovenes abroad.