Gostilna Slovenija in US – Gostilna Šempeter

Slovenia, typical restaurants have always played a special role. They are not only the places where one can experience the local culinary offer, but have always been an important component part of the Slovenian heritage and culinary recognition. From 2012, they are also presented under the trademark ‘Gostilna Slovenija’, which is unique to the Slovenian hospitality industry.

Restaurants that satisfy the strict rules and criteria of the trademark have been marked withuniform restaurant signs and boards, the mark of the new trademark. They must satisfy the conditions as regards external and internal arrangement of rooms, while in their offer, the food of the house, local and regional dishes prevail, as well as appropriate food and food products of local producers, food with protected appellation of origin, organic food, appropriate music scenery, service methods, and a variety of other components that contribute to the justification of use of the trademark and Gostilna Slovenija brand.

In September 2018 SABA started to make presentations about Slovenia through project Gostilna Slovenija and its members. Gostilna Rajh from Prekmurje was the first one (September 2018) and in February and march 2019 SABA hosted famnily Kunst from Gostilna Šempeter from Bistrica ob Sotli. Mayor Franjo Debelak was the first suporter of our project “Gostilna Šempeter in US”!

For many generations of family Kunst, Gostilna Šempeter has been preparing Slovenian and local dishes and thus helping to promote Slovenian cuisine. As a sign of quality and hospitality, we have obtained the right to use the brand name Gostilna Slovenija, which is awarded to the authentic Slovenian inns.

Srečo Kunst, the owner of the restaurant, his son Nejc Kunst and the main chef Kristjan Erman, presented culinary specialties and delicacies from the region. The dinner at the Slovene National Home in Cleveland, Ohio (February 25, 2019) was followed by an event at one of the Slovenian umbrella organizations SNPJ, in Imperial, Pennsylvania (February 27, 2019), and the entire project concluded with an evening at the famous Cleveland restaurant Bratenahl Bistro (March 03, 2019), which is owned by Gino Antonelli, a renowned cook in this city.

SABA presentation table of Slovenian products and municipality Bistrica ob Sotli

“When preparing the menu, our chefs always think of seasonal dishes, prepared in their own original way. The waiters can advise you from our selection of local wines, so you can truly experience the harmony of all the Kozjansko region flavours. The specialty of our house is a capon, which, due to a complex preparation process, has to be ordered at least 24 hours before arrival. “ Gostilna Šempeter

Winery Črnko from Jarenina, Slovenia