SABA and MIK Celje

MIK Celje, SABA member from 2013 (located in Celje – Vojnik, Slovenia) started some new actions on US market. Franci Plibersek, owner and CEO of the company in 2017 visited “Invest in US” conference in Washington D.C. and established business contacts with some U.S. organizations. Together with SABA company MIK Celje is planing presentations in different cities and states. Main point of presentations will be for their unique product – ventilation system MIKrovent, room ventilation system for closed windows that is built into the window and ensures minimal heat losses.

MIK Celje, d.o.o. produces plastic, aluminium, and wooden windows and doors. The company offers solutions for the modernisation or new glazing of existing buildings. During the 28 years of our existence, the company has been led by our Managing Director Franci Pliberšek. Under his leadership it has grown and developed into a socially responsible company with 200 employees. Our company is proud of having been recognised for business excellence by the European Foundation. The vision and future goals of the company are clearly defined and are in tune with our slogan: “We are turning challenges into success”.

The activities of MIK Celje:

  • Production, sales, and installation of plastic, aluminium, and wooden frame windows, doors (interior, exterior, fire, and garage doors)
  • Wholesaler of picture framing materials, including frame manufacturing machines
  • Investment and property management.

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