In January 2019 Jurcek Zmauc, SABA president visited company TAM EUROPE in city of Maribor, Slovenia. After presentation of SABA idea and program TAM EUROPE in March 2019 become a SABA member. SABA is now presenting their products on US market.

TAM-EUROPE makes buses, but unlike many companies in this sector it does so with a real understanding that every detail, however small, must be just right. Everyone who works at our facility cares about the job they do and through our teamwork approach the end product is carefully crafted to fit each individual client requirement.

Located in the heart of Europe, we have a strong strategic commitment to product efficiency and environmental sustainability. Incorporating the knowledge and skills of a European manufacturer with more than 70 years of experience in the commercial vehicle industry, achieved by a highly qualified workforce and todaystrengthened through the benefits of integration into a multinational group with vast resources in the vehicle industry, TAM-EUROPE fulfils the highest product and service expectations.

TAM-Europe d.o.o. was established in 2011 as part of a multinational conglomerate and integrated into the heritage brand TAM of Slovenia in 2012. Today under the brand name TAM-EUROPE commercial vehicles with special emphasis on buses are currently being developed and produced by our team spirited workforce.

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