Global Cleveland – Sister Cities Conference, May 1-3,2019

Between May 1 – 3, 2019 Global Cleveland (SABA local partner) organized a Sister Cities Conference. Today Cleveland has 23 sister cities, last city is Beit Shea’n, Israel and first sister city was Lima, Peru. One of sister cities is also Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Three days conference was organized in more panels: Youth Panel, Education Panel, Interfaith Panel, Immigration Panel and Economic Development Panel. In so called Brake Out Rooms different cities – countries made a presentations about their situation on different areas as social, economic, education and science. Active participants at this first international sister cities conference in Cleveland have been cities from Ethiopia, Russia, Israel, Ireland, Albania, Lithuania, El Salvador, Romania and Slovenia.

Slovenia – Ljubljana was presented through Dr. Luka Zibelnik, professor for Slovenian language at CSU and Jurcek Zmauc, president of Slovenian American Business Association – SABA.

SABA made also “show room” with presentation of Slovenian tourism destinations and companies Grah Lightning, DONAR, Elektromateriali Lendava, TAM Europa, TKK, MIK Celje, HWH, Siltarde and GATO, Oljarna Ormoz, Oljarna Fram, Oljarna Kocbek, ROI Voda, Chilli Wine, Crnko Winery, Palmieri, Berryshka, Terme Olimia, Terme Vivat, municipality Bistrica ob Sotli, Gostilna Sempeter, Panles hise, Kristal Rogaska, Kricefix, Gostilna Rajh, Center za slovenske studije and more.

Jurcek Zmauc, SABA president and Brook Hailu Beshah, Honorary Consul of the F.D.R. of Ethiopia
Joe Cimperman, Global Cleveland president