SABA at Port Authority in Pittsburgh

On May 28, 2019 Jurcek Zmauc, SABA president, visited Port Authority in Pittsburgh where he presented new technology and products of company TAM EUROPE from Maribor, Slovenia.

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Slovenian company SkyLabs is innovating the space market with SkyLabs disruptive technologies, products and solutions to change the layout of space. SABA president made a short presentation about SkyLabs to Petra Mitchell for Carnegie Mellon.

This company is a space-technology oriented company providing miniaturized on-board data handling solutions and innovative approach to space engineering. SkyLabs is primarily focusing onto high-tech tailor-made solution development, including fault tolerant hardware and software development, digital signal processing, radiation hardened by design IP core development, fast prototyping, and space/ground segment communication.

We are a vibrant team of electrical, mechanical and computing engineers and scientists providing services and technology solutions for the most demanding terrestrial and aerospace applications. By following the latest technology trends we provide innovative solutions with a proactive and creative design approach.

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