Active Summer in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

SABA is promoting Slovenia also as touristic destination. Krajnska Gora is one of touristic destinations in Slovenia where you need to go!

After each winter Kranjska Gora transforms into hiking and biking paradise. If you appreciate active holidays on a fresh air you will definitely love this location and Summer HIT ALPINEA OFFER.

Kranjska Gora offers you so many options what to do during your stay there. You can take a walk to crystal-clean-water lake Jasna and relax around there, visit new Nordic center Planica, explore secrets of Tiglav National Park or visit neighbouring countries Italy and Austria.

CYCLING: Kranjska Gora must be the loveliest on a bicycle. Decide among the calm pedalling or demanding trips to the heart of the Alpine valleys.


HIKING: The pleasant climate and fresh mountain air are the source of health and pleasure! Discover the best suggested trips around Kranjska Gora .


GOLF: The incredibly picturesque golf course is waiting for you at the confluence of Pišnica and Sava rivers in Kranjska Gora.

ALPINISM: Face the the breathtaking magical white walls of the Julian Alps. This is where the history of Slovenian and world climbing has been written.

WATER SPORTS: The Dolinka and Soča rivers waves are inviting. The Slovenian Alpine rivers have preserved their originality. Enjoy them responsibly.

FISHING: Peace, solitude, murmur of the river and that special feeling inside. The Zgornjesavska valley is a fisherman’s paradise. The mountain rivers and streams offer wonderful possibilities for sports fishing. 

RELAXING AROUND LAKE JASNA: Just chill and take it easy.

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