SABA at MOS in Celje, September 10. – 15. 2019

MOS Celje 2019 is an International Trade Fair. The show was held between 10-15 Sept 2019 in Celje, Slovenia. The most important business event in Slovenia and the region for business opportunities, the right partners, new ideas and products. The largest review of domestic and foreign supply of products and services, innovations and benefits.

Profile of exhibit based on Electronic data processing, office machinery, Office supplies, telecommunications, metal ware, electrical engineering, Electrical machinery and plant, woodworking machinery, building trade, equipment and machinery for the food and hospitality industry and trade, packaging, furniture and interior design, electrical installations, water supply, insulation, cleaning technology, household appliances, video technology, sport and leisure supply, do-it-yourself equipment, cosmetics, jewellery, gift-ware, stationery, automobiles and accessories, stone masonry, concrete products and consumer goods.

SABA was on MOS together with Obrtna zbornica Slovenije – OZS (The Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia), Section for science and technology. Jurček Žmauc, SABA president made presenttions about SABA idea nd work as program for 2019 and plans for 2020. Information meetings he had with companies as ROTO, Trixy Aviation, Slovenian Business Club in Austria, Slovenian Business Club in Italy, STO – Slovenian Touristic Organisation, SPIRIT Agency, MIK celje, MG RS – Slovenian Ministry for economics,….

OZS – Danijel Lamperger, chef Michael Husney, OZS – Branko Meh

SABA – Jurček Žmac, chef Michael Husney

MIK Celje – Alen Pliberšek, chef Michael Husney

SABA at MOS in Celje in September 2019.