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Ours is a modern, organised and successful company that provides high-quality functional products to its customers. It operates within the Plastoform group and has a rich tradition, as its beginnings date back to 1974. Throughout this period we have devoted a great deal of attention to creativity and innovativeness, which has undoubtedly contributed to our company becoming the leading Slovenian company for the production and processing of polymers and cast acrylic glass sheets. The latter are not only distinguished by their elegance, but reflect the world around them with their brilliance and exceptional harmony of colours.


Our vision is to develop the primary activity of development, production and marketing of advanced polymer materials of the highest quality and create an innovative environment, which is reflected in innovative applicative solutions.


Our mission is to direct our products, which are based on innovativeness and excellent servicing, towards the success of our customers and the satisfaction of all stakeholders.
Through the constant education of employees, the quality manufactured products and competitive prices we are forming solid bonds with our customers and producing products with high added value.
Our mission is to create the following with our business operations:

  • benefits for customers: to provide excellent servicing to our customers with a fast response time, the highest quality of products and quality technical support,
  • benefits for owners: with further growth ensure the owners a steady yield, increase business performance and increase the company’s market value,
  • benefits for employees: a working environment in which every successful and responsible employee is given the chance for personal development and is guaranteed social protection,
  • benefits for the broader social environment: a responsible attitude towards the natural and broader social environment.


Our values are responsibility, knowledge, creativity, innovativeness, courage, environmental awareness, quality, respectfulness and cooperation.
Other values that we abide by, develop and foster are:

  • being directed towards our customers,
  • our employees are our advantage,
  • constant education, transfer of knowledge and ensuring the personal growth of employees,
  • competent, satisfied and highly motivated employees,
  • healthy and safe working environment,
  • environmental and social responsibility,
  • being directed towards the future, new challenges and ideas and constant development and innovativeness,
  • profitable growth of results in the sense of sustainable development and taking advantage of opportunities.

what we do

List of our products & services:

  • Skyights (skydomes, Light bands,…)
  • Acrylic Sheets
  • Noise protection barriers
  • Polycarbonate Sheets
  • Acrylic Products
  • Cast Poyamides


Akripol, Polymer Production and Processing,d.o.o.
Prijateljeva cesta 11
SI-8210 Trebnje, Slovenia, EU

+386 7 348 16 00





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