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AmCham Slovenia
AmCham Slovenia is one of the most active and influential international business communities in Slovenia, comprising over 300 members – all reputable domestic and foreign companies - working together toward reaching one clear goal: to create a better business and living environment in Slovenia.

We are the thought leader and business community of choice in shaping a better business and living environment in Slovenia. We inspire optimism and collaboration.

We are the thought leader and business community of choice

what we do

We approach current topics from a professional point of view. AmCham Committees are the platforms of knowledge and AmCham Focus is a place where their views and recommendations are presented to the general public. In-depth discussion provides new insights and ideas on how to improve the business and living environment.

We inspire positive changes through our five core values that serve us as a guide and describe how we act in the world:

We focus our energy on opportunities, solutions and progress.

We develop relationships that make a positive difference in Slovenia and international environment.

We have relentless drive to benevolence, professionalism and consistency.

We are committed to giving back in meaningful ways and we put everything into it.

We strive to develop new, unique, innovative approaches. We create the best experience for our members and community.


Ameriška gospodarska zbornica, AmCham Slovenija
Dunajska cesta 156, 1000 Ljubljana


+386 8 205 13 50



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As a president of Global Cleveland, I fully support the Slovenian-American Business Association and I look forward to working with them on their future projects to improve business relations between the Republic of Slovenia and the City of Cleveland.

Joe Cimperman
President, Global Cleveland

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