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The Center for Slovenian Studies was established in 2008 at Cleveland State University with the help of the University of Ljubljana and Slovenian Government. Since then, the Center has hosted many academic exchange lectures, poetry evenings, concerts, movie screenings, folk festivals, a seminar for teachers of Slovenian language etc. Center also includes lectureship of Slovenian language, organized by University of Ljubljana’s Center for Slovene as a second or foreign language at the University of Ljubljana. Throughout the years, hundreds of students have acquired knowledge in Slovenian language from beginning to advanced classes. Classes are held at Cleveland State University and Lakeland Community College and can be done for credit points or as Continuing Education courses.

The latest project is establishing the completely online courses in Slovenian language, which are first of their kind. In the Fall 2014 we will be enrolling a new generation of students into the SLN 101 and SLN 201 courses. Anyone from anywhere in the US is welcome to enroll through the Continuing Education courses.

In these courses we’ll introduce you to the Slovenian language in the easiest way possible. You will not learn so much about grammar and rules, yet you’ll be able to have the survival knowledge of the language, phrases etc. From the very start, the course is constructed so you can use the language in everyday situations, with your friends, family and others. The benefit of this course are the Tegrity classes link, which is in every single online lecture.

Tegrity classes are like the classroom experience, with the possibility of rewind. Every single thing you’ll be able to hear multiple times, spoken by both native speakers and beginner American speakers. Therefore, you’ll know whether you pronounce it well for your stage of learning. The possibility of rewind is exactly what is missing when learning in the classroom. Classes are offered at CSU under the name SLN 101 and SLN 201. There are no particular days or hours that you need to do these classes. This makes it perfect for some one that can’t come to CSU or Lakeland, while still enabling them to learn the language. SLN 201 is for the students with the beginning knowledge of Slovenian language.

Classes are offered for credit points (3CP) or continuing education (400$). People from all around the US can enroll in these classes, so enroll quickly.

There is going to be a beginner class of Slovenian language at Lakeland Community College on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-8PM, called Slovenian 101.

There will also be an advanced class of Slovenian language. At CSU’s new campus location just across the road from Lakeland, Holden Center, we will offer the third year of learning the Slovenian language (MLA 396). The class gets together on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-7:50PM and it is worth 3CP, OR you can take it as continuing education course for just a fraction of the normal cost. You must enroll through CSU.

About Lecturer

Luka Zibelnik was sent by the Center for Slovene as a second or foreign language of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Ljubljana to open and teach at the lectureship at the Cleveland State University, OH in August 2008.

Since then he started many projects, including visits and exchanges of the academics, artists etc; organized a seminar for Slovenian teachers in the US; and lectured on different topics regarding teaching a foreign language; literature, metaphors and anti-Semitism in literature at the different colleges and institutions (Ohio State University (OH), Cleveland State University (OH), Tri-C (OH), LCC (OH), Pittsburgh University (PA), Nazareth College (NY),  French Embassy in Washington DC, Slovenian Embassy in Washington DC and Library of Congress.

In the academic year 2010/2011, he started with a doctoral study at the University of Ljubljana. His main topic will be anti-Semitism in the Slovenian literature from 16th to the beginning of the 20th Century.

In the academic year 2013/2014, he opened the first Slovenian online class at Cleveland State University. That has proven to be successful as 50 students from all around the US have joined the classes.

In the academic year 2014/2015, the class continued as online intermediate Slovenian.  Also, there were 50 new students enrolled into the online beginner class again.

Lectureship of Slovenian language, carried by CSU and the lecturer, is organized as a part of a program called Slovene at Foreign Universities by Center for Slovene as a second or foreign language at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Ljubljana.



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