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The beginning of this unique wine combination stretches in the year of 2014.
On that bright sunny day, an unusual idea emerged on Vizjak farm: ‘Why don’t we make a chilli wine?’

mission and vision

An already vast and diverse offer was extended with a slim bottle of a sort of white wine, however at that time it was still  a pinch too spicy . The first attempt was unsatisfactory to our taste, so we didn’t introduce it to the public. We waited for the next year and prepared better. We used varieties of grapes with a more prominent bouquet and carefully and feelingly added chillis with an irreplaceably typical fruit aftertaste.

We introduced the 2015 year with a large degree of self-confidence at the Wine and chocolate festival in Podčetrtek. It reached an extraordinary sales success and much publicity. It was the start of the magnificent path of the 1st chilli wine.

An extensive research of existence of a wine of this sort yielded no results, no such wine was found anywhere in public offers online, which encouraged us greatly and added enthusiasm to make a significant step forward and introduce it to the World. We were aware at that time that we needed professional help on the highest level in the field of enology and wine cellars.
We joined forces with Winery Kolar from Spodnje Ponkvice and introduced the year 2016 together.
The decision was the right one, as it turned out soon.





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