Elektromaterial LendavaElectrical Installation Material

Elektromaterial is one of the leading producers of electrical installation material in central and southeastern Europe. For more than 40 years we make our strategic orientation reality and follow our visions and business worth.

The business system Elektromaterial is a holding company. It is constituted of the central company Elektromaterial Lendava d.d. including the toolmaking department «Orodjarna Elektromaterial« and three subsidiary companies:

  • Elektromaterial IPO d.o.o. – production of plastic, metallic and nonmetallic parts, assembly,
  • Elektromaterial d.o.o. Zagreb – commercial company in Croatia,
  • Elektromaterial d.o.o.e.l. Skopje – commercial company in Macedonia.

what we do

The main activity of the business system Elektromaterial is:

  • development, construction and sale of electrical installation materials such as:

  • all ranges of switches (flush-mounted, surface-mounted, build-in , dimmers,…),

  • all ranges of sockets (safety, for communication, …),

  • lampholders (for glow-lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps) and

  • other electrical installation material,

  • production of tools for injection of Thermoplastics, pressing of Duromers, stamping and winding of sheet metal and other services in the field of toolmaking:

  • grinding,

  • milling,

  • EDM – electrical discharge machining,

  • WEDM – wire elecrtical discharge machining,…

  • production services which content processing of Thermoplastics, stamping and widing of metal materials and assembly of half-parts into final products.



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