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Victories and defeats are an integral part of every golf game.
Regardless of who is the winner or loser, when the game is over, each player must take care of their golf clubs.

More and more players expect golf courses to offer them a clean and ecologically friendly cleaning method that will be friendly to the clubs as well.
Therefore, we have developed an indispensable device – the GT-1 Golf Club Cleaner.

mission and vision

The GT-1 Golf Club Cleaner has a modern design and it is robust at the same time, as it is designed for cleaning metal clubs. It consists of the highest quality environmentally friendly materials and stainless steel.

It is 90 % biodegradable and extremely economical in terms of water consumption. Compared to the method that has been used until now, we can save up to 90 % on water.

The installation of GT-1 is simple. Connect it to a fresh water supply, drain hose and to a power supply, and the device is ready. The minimum capacity of the device is 10 users per hour taking into consideration that all the clubs in a set are cleaned.

The design is inspired by nature, which gives us the possibility to compose multiple devices into a whole, if necessary.





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