K.M.K. BoxPackaging

Boxes and crates of various sizes and designs offer protection for products on their transport way. Low weight and high resistance materials contribute to better transport solutions. The boxes are mostly folding and easy to assemble. Packaging is made from ecologic PP material which can be easily recycled after use.

In the company KMK BOX we have been dealing with demanding customers for more than two decades so we know how to follow demands and wishes of the market. With our own engagement we constantly develop improvements and new products. We always try to offer more than our customer expects.

Our goal is to form a circle – it means that each of our products is planned in accordance with the principle of sustainable development – reduce, reuse and recycle.

It is not a coincidence that our key objective is to preserve the environment and natural resources. We are aware of the fact that we are only a part in the chain and that is why we want to be a strong and reliable one. Development and research of the new materials and products based on sustainable development are our guidelines for tomorrow.

With moral and ethical principles withc have been our motto for years we keep making a successful story.

what we do

List of our products & services:

  • Industry (for packaging in internal transportation, for components of products(boxes, layers, separators)
  • Glazier (intermediate sheets, separators)
  • Pharmaceutical industry (for packaging, where the required sterility and atoxicity)
  • Agriculture (packaging for fruit and vegetables, protection for fruit and other trees)
  • Electronic industry (electronic pens for hi-tech components, which require antistatic)
  • Commercial packaging, which can emphasize originality, elegance and quality of product
  • Advertising (billboards, models, promotional material)
  • Office products (different bags, folders, registries)
  • Health (waste containers)
  • Construction (insulation and protective material)


KMK Box d.o.o.
Industijska cesta 13/f
6310 Izola, Slovenia. EU

+386 5 663 05 61





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