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Despite its relatively small size, the Krucex distillery punches well above its weight domestically, and is already starting to be taken seriously in the UK and Chinese market. The whole Krucex range are 100% natural products without any chemical preservatives, articial colours or emulsiers. The eaux de vie contain only quality alcohol fermented entirely from the plant or fruit used, which sets it apart from other eaux de vie distilleries.

For the liqueurs, water from the Alps, natural sugar and a syrup extracted from the tree cone, fruit or plant used is all that is added. An incredibly high level of detail, care, attention and time is devoted to every bottle produced, with each labelled and sealed by hand.

Owing to the emphasis devoted to traditional and hand-made methods, no two bottles of any Krucex eaux de vie or liqueur are completely identical. The characteristics of the drink can vary in barely noticeable, miniscule amounts from day to day, week to week, month to month and year to year, which is why each bottle is labelled with the date it was made. The fact that the Krucex range are living, natural products necessarily results in slight changes in colour, taste and aroma. All the ingredients used in each eaux de vie and liqueur are locally sourced, either in the Krucex “garden”, which encompasses the wild Alpine mountains, pastures and foothills that surround the distillery, or further held within the Gorenjska region.

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  • Spirits (Tequila, Whiskey, Vodka,…)
  • Liqueurs
  • Gifts


Distillery Krucefix
Pot Na Močila 4
4294 Križe, Slovenia, Europe


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