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MIK Celje, d.o.o. produces plastic, aluminium, and wooden windows and doors. The company offers solutions for the modernisation or new glazing of existing buildings. During the 20 years of our existence, the company has been led by our Managing Director Franci Pliberšek. Under his leadership it has grown and developed into a socially responsible company with 200 employees. Our company is proud of having been recognised for business excellence by the European Foundation. The vision and future goals of the company are clearly defined and are in tune with our slogan: "We are turning challenges into success".

We strive for excellence

We are striving to become the leading producer of plastic, wooden, and aluminum window systems and supplier of complete environmentally-friendly glazing solutions throughout Southeastern Europe. We would like to be regarded as one of the top ten reputable and socially-responsible companies in Slovenia.

How do we change your daily life?

  • by providing window systems in regard to the quality of your living conditions: by cutting energy costs, being aesthetic, making you safe and feeling better, insulating you from noise, and by providing easy maintenance
  • by providing you with picture frames that enhance your pictures and thus the entire space
  • by offering properties that provide higher living standards
  • by contributing to humanitarian ventures that directly or indirectly improve people’s lives.

Fundamental values or ‘The spirit of MIK’:

  • honesty, openness, and reliability
  • mutual respect and concern for co-workers
  • partnership, professionalism, and skills
  • encouraging creative contributions from each individual worker

what we do

List of our products & services:

  • Production, sales, and installation of plastic, aluminium, and wooden frame windows, doors (interior, exterior, fire, and garage doors)
  • Wholesaler of picture framing materials, including frame manufacturing machines
  • Investment and property management.


MIK Mednarodno trgovsko in proizvodno podjetje, d.o.o.
Celjska cesta 55, SI-3212 Vojnik
Slovenia, Europe

+386 3 425 50 50

+386 3 425 50 60





how can we help you?

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Joe Cimperman
President, Global Cleveland

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