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Mllinotest d.d. is the company with over than 200 years in food tradition. The core business is development, production and marketing of pasta (dry and fresh filled), potato gnocchi, bread, cakes, confectionery, milling products and sweets.

Our mission is to produce healthy, high-quality and tasty food adjusted to the modern way of life. We have always used advanced technologies defined as ‘gentle’ because they preserve organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of the ingredients and of the finished products.

what we do


We are the major pasta producer in Slovenia and capable to manufacture pasta in any desired shape, ingredients and colour. Our pallet of dry pasta production is divided into two trademarks: Mlinotest and Divita.

  • Mlinotest pasta is made of the best durum semolina, even after cooking it, pasta preserves its natural yellow colour, guarantees the firm bite and minimal stickiness.
  • Divita brand name presents pasta that is made from special flours as whole grain, buckwheat and spelt for people who try to live healthy.

Flour and milling products

Milling production is divided into three parts: flour, milling products and instant milled products such as: wheat flours, whole-wheat flour, buckwheat flour, pizza flour and flours for different fine bakery products, precooked wheat semolina, precooked cornmeal and other similar products.


Matini cookies with cocoa, vanilla, fig or apple filling. Delicious taste.

Range of products is available through hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenient stores and gas stations, hotel chains, restaurants and cafes. We export to United Kingdom, Sweden, Netherland, Germany, France, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Tanzania, Russia and Adriatic region.

Many of products are retail labelled with custom design. Our big advantage is flexibility and we always meet client’s needs. We are looking for food distributors or food importers who will take the opportunity and launch our products.


Mlinotest Zivilska industrija d.d.
Tovarniska cesta 14, 5270 Ajdovscina, Slovenia, EU

+ 386 5 36 44 500



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