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Nival group is a group of construction companies with different activities active in Slovenia and Austria. We are employing more than 80 workers and creating approximately EUR 15 million of annual income. Group, in cooperation with clients, provides a project´s design, engineering, construction and its handing over to clients as well as the maintenance of the constructed facility.

Nival group combines different companies which:

  • Analyze the construction and create the conceptual design.
  • Create project´s construction documentation and gain a building permit.
  • Execute construction and artisanal work.
  • Execute electrical and installation operations.
  • Provide an operating licence.
  • Hand over a constructed facility into operating, maintaining and managing.

We are executing all types of construction works – buildings and engineering constructions for private and public subjects. They can choose a construction of different stages, the complete construction according to fixed manufactured quantities and fixed prices or a ready-to-live-in construction according to quality regulations and arranged deadlines.

Real estates: we are building constructions and selling them on the market. We have considerable experiences in construction because we have built over 80 residential units and office buildings. Each of our investment is carefully analyzed and ergonomically designed. Construction works are done in cooperation with experienced and top-quality construction workers that is why, errors and complaints do not appear during operating the facility. Due to our positive experiences in construction of our own investments in Slovenia, we have decided to extend our work to Austria.

what we do


Complete facility construction

Nival group is executing engineering and all types of construction works – buildings and engineering constructions for private and public subjects in Slovenia and Austria. We are executing construction, artisanal and installation works as well as outdoor fittings on buildings and engineering facilities based on a building permit and project´s documentation for facilities in accordance with applicable regulations. Work is executed based on a concluded contract on arranged quality, deadlines and prices. The account statement of the work is made according to an arrangement, fixed prices and actual quantity of work being done or on ready-to-live-in principle.

We are constructing new buildings and renovating all types of facilities:

  • residential and non-residential buildings for private and public purposes,
  • construction of transport infrastructure – roads, squares, parking lots, bridging constructions,
  • pipelines, networks, energy pipelines,
  • industrial construction complexes,
  • other construction engineering works.


Besides complete facility construction we are also executing:

  • General construction works on all types of buildings and engineering facilities. Ground works are usually carried out using our own machinery. We have at our disposal wall and ceiling panelling for the production of classic and special panelling as well as a machine for bending fixtures.
  • Supporting construction for building bridging constructions. We draw up an offer for construction of the supporting construction based on the visit to the site and documentation of construction project of the facility. Additionally, we make a static calculation and a plan of assembling the construction and we set it up on the client´s request. We have at our disposal approximately 300 tons of steel structures of different dimensions.
  • insulating concrete form and ventilated façades with compact plates of different manufacturers or ventilated wooden façades. We install ventilated facades on aluminium or wooden contemporary façades, depends on client´s demands. Based on the facility we advise clients on the thickness and type of thermal insulation as well as the appropriate contemporary façade if the ventilated façade is chosen.
  • Mechanical lime, gypsum and cement plasters thickness of 1-3 cm. We execute restoration and thermo-insulation plasters with experienced teams of workers. Machines are filled through siloses and bags. We have two machines for manufacturing plasters. Daily capacity for one team of workers is 50-100 square metres, depending on complexity of the work.
  • Screeds and advising on appropriate screeds. We specialize in manufacturing mechanical screeds and restoration of existing screeds. We visit the construction site before we make an offer for screeds and suggest the most appropriate one for it.
  • Asphalt made by an experienced team of 8 workers including engineers. We use paver vögele 1400 when machine laying asphalt thickness between 3 and 7 cm, which has the ability of working width up to 4 metres. We also use two rollers weighting 3 and 7 tons, device for injecting the emulsion and various small machinery. We lay layers of carrier asphalt and fine layers, depending on demands about carrying capacity.


MarkoMark Nival, graditeljstvo, d.o.o.
Pobrežje 6a
2284 Videm pri Ptuju, Slovenia, EU

Nival Kropiunik-Bau, Ges.m.b.H.
Römerstraße 3
8403 Lebring, Austria, EU


+386 (0) 31 636 665 (Marko Peter)
+386 (0) 51 230 406 (Marko Glavinič)



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