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The historical beginnings of Pivovarna Laško reach back to 1825, when the mead and gingerbread maker Franz Geyer set up a brewery in the former Valvasor Hospital, which still stands today. One hundred and eighty five years have passed since then, with Pivovarna Laško growing from a local brewery to the leading producer of beer and together with other companies in the Group, into the leading producer of mineral and natural waters, non-alcoholic beverages and other beverages on the Slovene market.

Beverages production belongs to the more competitive industries, where multinational corporations, commercial companies and demanding users play the most important roles.

Pivovarna Laško and the Laško Group are embarking on a path of development with the following basic business orientation: to produce and sell innovative trendy products, maintain the market position of its own brand names on the domestic market and to attain again and expand positions in foreign markets achieved in the past. Furthermore, to use the most advanced technology in the development of appropriate production and commercial programs which guarantee the top quality of beer, non-alcoholic beverages and mineral and natural water.

The umbrella brand Laško is represented by the following products: the »flag-bearers« Laško Zlatorog, the special beers Laško Club, Laško Dark, and Laško Light, the light beer Export Pils and the sweet beverage Laško Malt with apple and peach flavours. In addition to the above brands Pivovarna Laško also produces the Bandidos product line, a beer with added aromas and in three different flavours: Bandidos Tequila, Bandidos Ice and Bandidos Sun. The Bandidos brand image was entirely renewed in spring 2010 to get even closer to its target population.

For special occasions Pivovarna Laško brews unique beers, such as the Jubilejnik and Eliksir beers. Pivovarna Laško entered an entirely new field in 2010, when it launched on the Slovenian market a novelty in the category of beverages, namely the apple cider, under the brand name iC Cider.

Despite the harsh market conditions Pivovarna Laško, d. d. maintained its position of leading beer producer in Slovenia.

The Pivovarna Laško Group today includes producers of beer, mineral, spring and natural waters, non-alcoholic beverages, spirits and other alcoholic drinks, and syrups for the productions of drinks, and also a newspaper and publishing activity.

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Our trademarks:

  • Lasko
  • Lasko Special
  • Lasko Malt
  • Export Pils
  • Oda, Spring Water


Trubarjeva ulica 28
SI-3270 Laško, Slovenia, EU

+386 3 734 80 00




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