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At Ptujska Klet wine cellar, tradition and a modern approach have joined forces. Following a strategic decision for the long-term development of the concept of the harmony of wine and food, we created Pullus, a wine with flavour.

By doing so, we’ve made our determination known and have proclaimed our heartfelt conviction that the future of winemaking lies in the fusion of culinary culture and people’s everyday concern about a healthy lifestyle.

Pullus marks the turning over of a new grape leaf in the exceptional and magnificent history of Ptujska Klet. However, tradition serves only as an excellent starting point for the challenge represented by a timeless category like flavour.

The desire to achieve the best has often guided our efforts and turned the wheels of history. We send Pullus into the world with the possibility and opportunity to do this again. That’s why we’re proud to say that Pullus has great potential for flavours for all occasions.

Through an orientation towards the wishes of consumers and through a winemaking process that preserves all varietal and other natural characteristics, we’ve made Pullus the healthiest wine on the market.

We can guarantee the harmony of our ingredients and recommendations which we’ve made in the form of recipes.

We’re sending Pullus into the world with a gift, which, we feel, is not unlike that given to children by their loving parents when they leave home: the excellent tradition, rich with winemaking history, of Ptuj winemaking and the satisfaction of consumer expectations, whether its a fresh, young, Pullus wine, a mature Pullus, excellent sparkling wines, Pullus with a special vintage or, in the future, archive Pullus wines.

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  • Red wines
  • Sparkling wines

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Ptujska klet vinarstvo d.o.o.
A Member of the Perutnina Ptuj Group
Vinarski trg 1
SI-2250 Ptuj, Slovenija, Europe


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