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Natural therapeutic effects of thermal water, beneficial effects of sea and mountain climate with aerosols, brine and salt-pan mud, therapeutic peloids and peat are all gifts that the Slovenian nature was generous with, and that becamebasis for activity for 15 Slovenian natural spas. Slovenian spas have a great selection of possible ways to spend the vacation, long weekend, just a day or two or even for a couple of hours whether if it’s for young, the old, families or couples.

With the wide selection of saunas and massages, health and care programs, Slovenian spas have many special offers with different climatic characteristics- considering they are situated in the different regions of Slovenia, from the sea to the hills of Dolenje and Sava river basin, from Savinjsko-Sotelska valley to the pannonian plains. You will have a colorful selection of health, relaxation, recreation and past-time programs through all the seasons in 15 Slovenian natural spas.

People had been discovering the secret of feeling good on Slovenian healing water springs even in ancient past. Excavation from Roman times and written documents from early as 1147. show a rich spa culture in Slovenia and the healing effect of our water which has been held in high esteem in Europe for more than four centuries. Situated at the crossing of roads that lead from north to south and west to east, Slovenia has always been a part of culture of the old continent. Treatment centers originate from the renaissance period of central European spas, and even today they are the basis of Slovenian spa tourism. At the same time and because of the healing properties of natural healing factors, they preserved their special status in the Slovenia’s medical system and a tight connection to the medical profession.

Abundance of flawless natural riches of our country allowed for the development and implementation of the Slovenian spas. The most important is the thermal water of different qualities and temperature (from 32 to 73 oC) and mineral water (world famous Radenska three hearts and Donat Mg), followed by sea water and brine, organic and inorganic peloids, and sea, pannonian and subalpine hill microclimate.

Wisdom, experience, natural surroundings, country characteristics and the hospitality of the host are all in harmony in Slovenian natural spas. And because of that, we can find what we truly need and want for ourselves in that mosaic of good feeling.

In recent years, our so-called Western culture embraced an idea that there is a tight connection between the body and the mind. Therefore our spas offer not just balneo and physiotherapeutic therapies, but also other types of modern therapies that are linked with education and erudition.

Far from the city rush and ever increasing pace of modern life, spas offer secrecy of flawless nature and allow us to devote time to ourselves. We can have a pleasant family vacation in the spas, do something for ourselves, for our body and soul and enhance our own physical and mental fitness.

The source of vitality

Due to a modern way of life, which has many previously unknown side-effects, Slovenian spas have developed numerous new methods of treatment and new programs for preventing diseases by using natural healing resources and they take achievements of modern medical science for each indicational area into account.

Slovenian spas have well equipped treatment and recreational centers where we can swim, run, exercise on different gym machines and training grounds, play golf, tennis, go bowling, skiing, mountain biking and at the same time- learn how to live a healthy life.

And being that a lively and a playful body also enjoys a mind workout, spas organize social, cultural and folklore events and offer numerous possibilities for hikes and picnics.


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