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Talum has great potential for success. Invaluable advantages of the works in Kidričevo are the favourable location of the factory complex, infrastructure connections, enviable knowledge of employees and experiences, collected from more than sixty years of plant operation.

We have designed development tasks and lead projects in the factory by ourselves. A great knowledge, experience and creative potential are invested in the development of the works.

We have all contributed to the successfully trodden path and we all wrote the history of the factory.

We are determined that we will write the history of aluminium in Kidričevo by ourselves into the future, despite the ever changing situations, in the same way that the production conditions of aluminium are changing around the world.

Despite this we will strive to keep our values!

what we do

Due to their characteristics, cast alloys enable the use of large-scale casting procedures (pressure casting and casting in moulds) with high productivity. They are produced by us in the form of continuous cast ingots and mould cast ingots.


  • automotive industry (rims, body, motor parts, chassis parts)
  • aeronautical industry
  • shipping industry
  • civil engineering
  • food industry

The characteristics of cast alloys are low specific weight, good corrosive resistance, good workability, clear and smooth surface, non-magnetic.

We produce all main types of cast alloys. As alloy elements mostly silicon, copper, magnesium, zinc and manganese are used.


Talum d.d. Kidričevo,
Tovarniška cesta 10, 2325 Kidričevo, Slovenia, EU

+386 2 79 95 100





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