XLABIT Company With A Strong Research Base

XLAB is an R&D company with a strong research background in the fields of distributed systems, cloud computing, security
and dependability of our systems, information visualization (medical, 2D, 3D GIS, sensors) and image processing (3D reconstruction, segmentation, GIS data fusion).

The results of the R&D activities are reflected in the advanced online collaboration software ISL Online, GIS and visualization
solution - Gaea+, in our civil protection solutions and in the sophisticated medical imaging solutions - MedicView.

what we do

XLAB’s internal organization allows for successful and unobstructed innovation, under a close supervision and in accordance with the latest industry standards and protocols.
The combination of the two is a key factor for successful demonstration products, which are with minimal effort transferred into production environment.

List of our services and products:

  • ISL Online (remote desktop)
  • GIS & Vizualization Solution
  • Emergency Locating Acqusition
  • Medical Imaging
  • Remote pre-transufusion testing
  • Network Security Solutions
  • Payment Solutions
  • Vessel Contol Module
  • Cashless Payment System
  • Easy workflow optimization application
  • 3D Reconstruction of models from photos
  • Photo organization application


Pot za Brdom 100
SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

+386 1 244 77 50





how can we help you?

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As a president of Global Cleveland, I fully support the Slovenian-American Business Association and I look forward to working with them on their future projects to improve business relations between the Republic of Slovenia and the City of Cleveland.

Joe Cimperman
President, Global Cleveland

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