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SABA main objectives

Business Support

Support business cooperation between the Republic of Slovenia and the United States of America.

Stimulate Trade

Stimulate trade, cooperation in development, investments and other economic relations between Slovenia and the USA.

Maintain & Organize

Initiate and maintain information ties between economy and the state and organize education seminars for representatives of Slovenian and USA companies.

Building the




Years of Experiances


Membership in SABA is open to anyone with interest to significantly increase the value, frequency, and quality of bilateral business trade deals and business relationships between the U.S. and Slovenia.


  • Project “Gostilna Slovenija in US” in Slovenian newspaper VEČER

    In October 2018 SABA made a first step in a project “Gostilna Slovenija in US”. This project got some media support also in Slovenian newspaper VEČER from Maribor. In 2019 SABA will continue with this project! More information about SABA activities for “Gostilna Slovenija in US” in 2019 you will read in January 2019!

    November 29, 2018
  • Ice cream made in Slovenia in ALDI US stores

    In November 2018 you can find ice cream made in Slovenia in ALDI stores in Cleveland area. Slovenian company LEONE from Ajdovščina worked for years with German company ALDI  and now ALDI US is selling their products also on US market. SABA president visited company LEONE in 2017. About Leone They are specialised for creating best in

    November 29, 2018
  • Slovenian wines “again” in Cleveland, Ohio

    SABA is working also on import of Slovenian products to US. And after many “dry” years, we will again be able to buy Slovene wines in Cleveland, Ohio. The winery Črnko from Jarenina near Maribor, the Styrian region of Slovenia will offer 5 varieties of their wines in the city of Cleveland – Laški Rizling, Renski

    November 29, 2018
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