Image: SABA has had many past successes and we'll continue to work diligently towards…

Building a Foundation SABA has had many past successes and we'll continue to work diligently towards future achievements.
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Image: Membership in SABA is open to anyone with interest to significantly increase the value,…

Connecting Business Worldwide Membership in SABA is open to anyone with interest to significantly increase the value, frequency, and quality of bilateral business trade deals and business relationships between the U.S. and Slovenia.
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As a president of Global Cleveland, I fully support the Slovenian-American Business Association and I look forward to working with them on their future projects to improve business relations between the Republic of Slovenia and the City of Cleveland.

Image of: Joe Cimperman

Joe Cimperman President, Global Cleveland

SABA is not only a unique meeting place for Slovenian and American businesses but also a proactive facilitator of trade and investment links. It relies on a vast pool of shared knowledge and can add great value to a very wide contact network of its members.

Image of: Božo Cerar

Božo Cerar Former Ambassador, Republic of Slovenia

On behalf of the SNPJ Executive Committee, I am honored to express our full support for the Slovenian-American Business Association (SABA).

Image of: Joseph C. Evanish

Joseph C. Evanish FLMI National President, SNPJ

In constant search of new challenges and opportunities we decided to join SABA, the association of experts willing to listen every entrepreneur who wishes to break into global markets. We have a good relationship with SABA and are very pleased with their quick response and counseling.

Image of: Boštjan Cipot

Boštjan Cipot Owner&CEO PAMA Hiše d.o.o.

This organization is designed and intended to assist various organizations in establishing contacts, locating sources of products and services, as well as providing support in the finer arts of business relations.

Image of: Joseph J. Kokal

Joseph J. Kokal Owner, J. J. KOKAL & ASSOCIATES, INC.

“I am very happy to be partnering with SABA to provide business to business connections with Slovenian firms and companies in Pittsburgh and all over Pennsylvania. We have significant opportunities for collaboration, and SABA is helping us greatly.”

Image of: Petra Mitchell

Petra Mitchell Honorary Consul for Slovenia in Pennsylvania

A few years ago, the United States primarily competed within its own borders. Today, we compete with and against the world. It is truly a very fluid business climate. Without strategic partners around the world, it is very difficult to compete.

Image of: Bob Hopkins

Bob Hopkins Project Manager, Godfrey & Wing Inc.

SABA main objectives

Business Support Support business cooperation between the Republic of Slovenia and the United States of America.

Stimulate Trade Stimulate trade, cooperation in development, investments and other economic relations between Slovenia and the USA.

Information exchange Initiate and maintain information ties between economy and the state and organize education seminars for representatives of Slovenian and USA companies.

”Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.” – Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group

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